Research & Evaluation

The Research & Evaluation Program is located within the Department of Accountability, Research & Evaluation (DARE), and provides quality research findings, district, school and program evaluations, and statistical support for the Consolidated Grant (CG), internal research projects and external research partners.


The Research & Evaluation Program will utilize comprehensive, high-quality program evaluation and research to better the educational experiences for students and their families served by the CNMI Public School System.


The Research & Evaluation Program strives to reach schools and their communities through the use of understandable, clear, and actionable data to drive day-to-day decision making which leads to a positive change within the school system as a whole.


To accomplish the mission, the role of the Research & Evaluation Program is:

  • To assist in the development and data collection of federal grant applications 

  • To support all federal and state grant awards requiring an evaluation to determine compliance and effectiveness in meeting goals and objectives related to student achievement, school improvement, and safety 

  • To conduct evaluations and prepare reports related to District initiatives that have been identified as a priority 

  • To coordinate the Research Review Team and external request process submitted by external researchers to conduct research and/or collect data in the District 

  • To conduct the summative evaluations of schools and district-level programs

  • To provide on-going technical assistance to schools, as well as the central office staff


Please email [email protected], Research & Evaluation Program Manager, if you have any questions regarding research or evaluation within our district.