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The Office of Accountability, Research & Evaluation (ARE) consists of five (5) programs: Accountability; Research & Evaluation; Accreditation; Assessments; and Records & Data Management. Our office currently resides in #1258 Pohnpei Way Rte 312 Capitol Hill.

As one of the offices of the CNMI Public School System, we serve as the clearinghouse for the Public School System’s data and records under the Records and Data Management, oversee schools, programs and district-wide accountability under the Accountability office, conduct research and evaluation under the Research and Evaluation program, comprehensive student academic achievement under the Assessment program, and maintain school and district-wide accreditation processes under the Accreditation program.

The mission of the Office of Accountability, Research & Evaluation is to support and enhance the quality of data driven decisions by providing Program Research & Evaluation, Student Assessments, Accreditation, Accountability, and Records & Data Management services and information to all stakeholders through an effectively managed system aligned to the CNMI PSS Strategic Priorities and to ensure continuous improvement for all schools and programs.

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