Step Two:

School Quality Factors (SQF) Diagnostics:

Using the information gathered from the Data Dialogue, school Leadership Teams gather to fill out the SQF Diagnostics. The SQF Diagnostics can be accessed on the AdvancED site at under the eProve Diagnostics selection (see below).


AdvancED Site Login.jpg


eProve Diagnostics.jpg


Complete the multiple choice diagnostics following the directions. Responses must be supported by evidence. Schools have the option to attach documents as proof of the evidence. When the SQF Diagnostics is completed, the document must be downloaded and shared with all school staff and key stakeholders for review and feedback and make necessary adjustments as needed. After the SQF Diagnostics is in its final draft, save it to “WorkSpace”. Doing this will give AdvancED access to the school’s SQF Diagnostic.


eProve Diagnostics Settings.jpg