Step 6:


Progress Update monitoring allows schools to monitor the progress of their goals and objectives.

Progress Updates

The School-Wide Improvement Plan (SWP) must be monitored throughout the school year for effectiveness of strategies and the whether the school is on track to meeting its goals and objectives.

Progress updates are performed by reviewing all goals, objectives, strategies, activities, and budget and indicating whether it has been met or not, if an activity is in progress or completed, and indicating the status with details. This process is conducted three times a year, December 31, March 31 and July 31.

Timelines and Deadlines

School-Wide Improvement Plans

All School-Wide Improvement Plans is to be submitted to the Associate Commissioner of Accountability, Research and Evaluation by sharing it on Google Docs. The deadline to submit the School-Wide Improvement Plan every new school year is August 31. After submission, the plans will be reviewed by a team consisting of the Associate Commissioners, Federal Programs Officer, and Accreditation Program Coordinator. If approved, an award letter will be sent to the school principal. If there are questions or clarifications that need to be made, the school principal will be contacted to meet with the review team. This process takes about two weeks, however, if the school does not respond to inquiries and clarifications, it will delay the process evenfurther.

The FINAL Progress Report for the previous school year must be completed by August 31 of every school year.


The continuous improvement process is a rigorous process that involves stakeholder involvement. The process allows schools to learn and share, examine and plan, and act and evaluate; allowing schools to target student needs and addressing it, while monitoring its progress, making changes throughout the school year.

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Schools can access the AdvancED documents online by accessing the following links:

School Activities
Gather and share perspectives and  experience across all stakeholder groups Collect and analyze data prioritize improvement area, define vision & set the strategic direction Plot journey, take action, gather evidence, evaluate results and continuously monitor and adjust
Learn & Share Examine & Plan Act & Evaluate

Surveys (perspectives)

  • Climate & Culture
  • Student Engagement

Inventories (experiences)

  • Students
  • Teachers


  • ELEOT™ (optional)


  • School Quality Factors


  • Impact of Instruction


  • Strategy Map

School-Wide Plans

  • Annual Improvement Plan
  • Action Plan(s)
External Engagement Review Visit


  • Leadership Capacity
  • Learning Capacity
  • Resource Capacity

Interview Tools

  • Students
  • Parents/Community
  • Teachers/Leadesr/Governing Body

Observing Tools

  • Student Engagement - ELEOT™
  • Governance Board