The School-Wide Improvement Plan (SWP) is a comprehensive plan following the AdvancED Improvement Process. The process encompasses the efforts for improvement at a school addressing identified needs to improve student outcome. The plan includes AdvancED’s Performance Standards and Domains, Measurable Goals and Objectives, Strategies, Activities, Funding Sources (local appropriations, federal grants – including grants from other sources, non-appropriated funds, etc.), and a method to evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement efforts.


The School-Wide Improvement Plan (SWP) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) provides guidance on the process that schools will use to reflect on current realities of the school, conduct a needs assessment, develop, review, and revise all school continuous improvement efforts.

Continuous Improvement Process

Schools must use the AdvancED Continuous Improvement Process as the process for the Elements of Needs Assessment, Goals and Objectives, Strategies and Activities, Implementation, Professional Development and Sustained Support, Ongoing Formative Evaluation and Summative Evaluation.

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