In June 2011, CNMI PSS the Board of Education adopted the Admin Code § 60-30.2-900 Performance Evaluation Rubric and Process for Teacher Evaluation, which established the purpose, rubric, and process for evaluating teacher performance in the classroom. This policy also included recommended Growth Plans that should be used to, at a minimum, "identify the standards and elements to be improved, the goals to be accomplished, the activities that teacher shall complete, and a timeline which allows the teacher one school year to achieve proficiency.”


The ultimate goal of teacher evaluations is to improve the quality of instruction by utilizing professional teaching standards and helping teachers meet those expectations through high-quality feedback and support from the Principal (or Designated Evaluator).

Since 2011, the CNMI PSS has been utilizing the Mid-continental Regional Education Laboratory (McREL) Teacher Evaluation System. According to McREL, the Teacher Evaluation System will:

  • Serve as a measurement of performance for individual teachers;
  • Serve as a guide for teachers as they reflect upon and improve their effectiveness;
  • Serve as the basis for instructional improvement;
  • Focus the goals and objectives of schools and districts as they support, monitor, and evaluate their teachers;
  • Guide professional development programs for teachers;
  • Serve as a tool in developing coaching and mentoring programs for teachers; 
  • Enhance the implementation of the approved curriculum; and
  • Inform higher education institutions as they develop the content and requirements for teacher training programs.

McREL Teacher Evaluation System

Both the teacher being evaluated and the principal or evaluator have specific responsibilities which must be fulfilled in order to complete the evaluation process.

Teacher Responsibilities:

  • Know and understand the Professional Teaching Standards.
  • Understand McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System.
  • Prepare for and fully participate in each component of McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System.
  • Gather data, artifacts, and/or evidence to support performance in relation to standards and progress in attaining goals.
  • Develop and implement strategies to improve personal performance/attain goals in areas individually or collaboratively identified.

Principal/Evaluator Responsibilities:

  • Know and understand the Professional Teaching Standards.
  • Participate in training to understand and implement McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System.
  • Supervise the process and ensure that all steps are conducted according to McREL’s Teacher Evaluation System.
  • Identify the teacher’s strengths and areas for improvement and make recommendations for improving performance.
  • Ensure the Teacher Summary Evaluation Rating Form contains accurate information and accurately reflects the teacher’s performance.
  • Develop and supervise implementation of professional development plans


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