Executive Summary


Sinapalo Elementary School is located in the village of Sinapalo, on the island of Rota, a municipality of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. It is the only public elementary school on Rota, serving kindergarten through sixth grade students. The school consists of an administration building, library, sixteen classrooms, restroom facilities, and a cafeteria. Sinapalo Elementary School continues to be a site for community functions, organization sponsored workshops, school activities, or training in either the cafeteria or library.

To begin school year 2017-18, SNP serves 194 students, with a total of 92 males and 102 females with a diverse ethnic background that consists of: Chamorro, Filipino, Bangladesh, Pohnpeian, Korean, and Marshallese students. Sinapalo Elementary School service provisions include bussing, Free and Reduced Meal Program, Title I Reading Literacy Program, and Special Education services.



Student Population 

194 students

Teacher student ratio   



Sinapalo Enrollment Chart

Student Non-Academic Performance Data include Free and Reduced Meals, Educational services, and English Language Learners. Of the student populations, 37% are receiving Free Meals and the remaining 63% are under the Reduced Meal program. 86% of the student population is receiving General Education services while 14% are receiving Special Education services. SNP also serves 29% English Language Learners and 71% of Non-English Language Learners.

The school has a staff of 34 to include 1 Principal, 1 Vice Principal, 1 counselor, 1 administrative officer, 1 administrative specialist, 2 school aides, 1 building maintenance, 13 classroom teachers, 1 librarian, 1 Title I teacher, 1 Literacy Coach, 2 Special Education (SPED) teachers, 4 SPED teacher aides, 1 Chamorro Carolinian Language Heritage Studies (CCLHS) instructor, 1 CCLHS teacher aide, and 2 support staff members from other government agencies.

Staff Demographics






Administrative Support Staffs


CCLHS Instructors


CCLHS Teacher Aides


Classroom Teachers


Special Education Teachers


Special Education Teacher Aides




Title 1 Teacher


Literacy Coach


Community Assistance



Sinapalo Elementary School staff is dedicated to work as a team with our parents and community to inspire our students to value learning, to be respectful of cultural diversity, and create and achieve goals. We strive to infuse a love of knowledge in a safe and caring environment. We believe that all children can learn. All children will reach their full learning potential.

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

The school uses a variety of assessment data to determine students’ academic performances. Our school’s goal for SY 2017-2018 was: 50% of all students will be reading at/above grade level by June 2018 as measured by Early STAR Literacy and STAR Reading assessments. Our school met the SY 2017-2018 goal.

Sinapalo Early Literacy.png

Sinapalo Reading.png

Sinapalo Math.png

Notable accomplishments are also evident in our school’s School-Wide Improvement Plan.


Goal Name

Number of Objectives Met/Number of Objective


High Student Performance: All students will have equitable and challenging learning experiences that are aligned to the school’s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment to ensure that all students have sufficient opportunities to develop learning, thinking, and life skills in preparation for the secondary level that lead to success in college and career readiness.

Note: Goal was met.

Objectives: 1/2


Highly Qualified and Effective Personnel: All Sinapalo Elementary School personnel will demonstrate certifications and professional growth as we develop towards being a more purposeful community that supports student learning. All staff members participate in a continuous program of professional learning and growth.

Note: Goal was met.

Objectives: 2/2


Parental Engagement and Community Partnership: Sinapalo Elementary School will engage families, community members, and other stakeholders in meaningful ways to improve their children’s education and inform parents and the public of student success.

Note: Goal was not met. Activity of concern is the Parents Teachers Students Association meetings. Thirty per cent of parents not in attendance at most meetings.

Objectives: 0/1


High Performing and High Reliability Systems: Sinapalo Elementary School will engage all stakeholders in accountability and monitoring to ensure continuous improvement.

Note: Goal was met.

Objectives: 1/1


Safe and Orderly Schools: All students will be provided a safe, clean, and healthy environment conducive to learning. The facility is maintained, equipment is provided and repaired, and personnel work to ensure the school provides an environment that supports learning.

Note: Goal was not met due to area of concern related to financial constraints. Repairs and purchases are prioritized.

Objectives: 2/3


Effective and Efficient Operations: All students and staff will have the available resources and services that support the school’s purpose and direction to ensure student success.

Note: Goal not met due to financial constraints.

Objectives: 2/3


Other School Highlights/Successes
  • Increased number of students who are College and Career Ready under the Achieve 3000 program (38 Students)
  • SNP implements new district curriculum resources for English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science.
  • T. Q. 6th Grade placed 1st in the CNMI PSS Elementary –level Education Day Essay contest.
  • Implementation of guided reading in grades Kindergarten through 3rd
  • My Holiday Greetings winners: 1st Place T. F. 6th Grade, 2nd Place J. Y. 1st Grade, and 3rd Place K. O. 3rd Grade.
  • A. C. 5th Grade and G. V. 5th Grade participated in the 2018 Spelling Bee competition on 01/27/18.
  • School level STEM fair winners K. M. 1st Grade, J. H. 2nd Grade, J. A. 4th Grade, P. M. 5th Grade, and K. C. 6th Grade. These students went on to participate in the 2018 Island-Wide STEM Fair in Saipan on 3/11/18
  • Ms. Denise Mendiola’s 3rd Grade class was recognized for their efforts in the Achieve 3000 “Read to Succeed” contest.
  • 15 SNP students competed in the PSS-CCLHS 1st Annual Language & Cultural Performing Arts competition in Saipan on 02/5-9/2018.
    • Awards received
  • 2nd Place Essay Contest
  • 2nd Place Poster Contest
  • 1st Place Spelling Bee
  • 2nd Place Spelling Bee
  • 3rd Place Children’s Choir
  • 3rd Place Dramatic Interpretation (Story telling &Poetry )
  • 2nd Place Cultural Dance
  • 3rd Place Choral Reading
  • 3rd Place Contemporary Dance
  • Collaboration with Rota private schools to implement MathCourt participation for K-3rd students
  • A. M. 6th Grade and M. A. 4th Grade competed in the 2018 Chamoru Language and Culture competition in Guam on 3/12-13/18. A. M. placed 2nd in Oratorical and 3rd in Poems division.
  • The 3rd grade class of Ms. Denise Mendiola were nationally recognized for their efforts in the recent Achieve 3000 “Read to Succeed” contest.
  • A total of 35 students are College and Career Ready in the Achieve 3000 program.
  • A. S.N. 4th Grade placed 3rd in the AK Toyota Dream Car contest.
  • SNP’s 6th graders attended the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) on April 06, 2018 at RHI Campus.
  • R.C. 5th Grade, A. C. 4th Grade, A. C. 5th Grade, L. J. 4th Grade, E. O. 5th Grade went to Saipan on April 20-22, 2018 for the Academic Challenge Bowl Competition.
  • J. N. 3rd Grade and D. J. S. 1st Grade were recognize as the winner for the Achieve 3000 literacy all star winner on 04/09/18 in Saipan.
  • Participation in CNMI-wide Track and Field competition
  • SNP Implements a Star Banquet to recognize students who meet the trilateral goal

Sinapalo Elementary School stakeholders will work towards increasing student achievement scores in reading in efforts to decrease the number of students in the urgent intervention/intervention levels. Additionally, we will work to increase parent involvement in efforts to increase student achievement. We will work towards the completion of our school PTSA’s charter.

Additional Information

Because of Rota’s geographic location our stakeholders have to commute to participate in our system’s scheduled activities – student competitions, professional development activities, parent/student summits, meetings, etc. Additionally, costs of goods on island are higher priced due to importation associated costs. Therefore, our community faces financial challenges.

Despite our challenges, SNP continues to focus its efforts in improving student reading achievement. Last school year, all teachers used a balanced literacy approach in reading. Teachers provided challenging learning experiences through professional development and coaching that are aligned to the school’s curriculum, instructional design and assessment to develop skills, which lead to improving students’ academic success. In addition, our school will continue to provide high student performance, highly qualified personnel, effective and efficient operations, safe and orderly campus, parent involvement and community partnership, and a high performing and reliable system.