Executive Summary


Koblerville Elementary School (K.E.S.) is located in the village of Koblerville on the southern end of Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Koblerville Elementary School was established in 1986-1987 with an initial enrollment of 278 students. Previously, KES served students from Kindergarten through 6th grade who were primarily residents of Koblerville, As Gonno, and Tottotville. Since the last accreditation visit in 2013, KES merged with San Antonio Elementary School and began servicing students from Kindergarten through 5th grade whom are residents of the villages of Koblerville, As Gonno, Tottotville, and San Antonio.

Due to the merge and other community factors, KES’ student population has increased significantly. The school currently enrolls 648 students with multicultural backgrounds and the current student to teacher ratio is 28:1. The student population consists of 35% Chamorro, 28% Filipino, 11% Carolinian, 12% FSM, and 10% Asian. 80% of  the student population qualifies for Free Meal. At this current moment, KES is overcrowded and in need of more classrooms in order to accommodate the growing population. The CNMIPSS Leadership is working on constructing two more classrooms which will hopefully be ready for next school year. In addition, the CNMIPSS Child Nutrition Program Director notified the school leadership that they may construct a cafeteria to accommodate the large population.

In February 2017, there was a change in leadership. Mrs. Rizalina Liwag, the former school principal of KES, was transferred to Hopwood Middle School as Principal. Mr. Jeremiah Benavente, the Vice Principal at the time for KES, was assigned to be Principal for the school and Mrs. Mercedes Deleon Guerrero was assigned to KES to be the Vice Principal. SY 2017-2018 was the first full school year that Mr. Benavente and Mrs. Guerrero took the lead to guide and support student learning at Koblerville Elementary School.


School Mission

The parents, students, and staff of Koblerville Elementary School are dedicated to providing successful experiences for all students. Hence, every student will be given the opportunity to develop intellectually, socially, physically, culturally, and creatively in order that they may become lifelong learners, effective communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers, productive individuals, and involved citizens in a rapidly changing world.

School Vision

Our vision for Koblerville Elementary School is to become a school of excellence, promoting an inspiring learning environment with effective teachers and quality curriculum, which capitalizes each student’s potential to be successful in all areas of learning, creating responsible citizens for the 21st century.

KES Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

U – Uses Skills to Solve Problems

•        Careful thinkers

•        Knows where to get information

M – Makes Smart Decisions

•        Thinks before acting and uses good judgment

•        Uses available resources wisely

A – Aspires to be Active & Respected Members at school, home and in the community

•        Appreciates diverse cultures

•        Accepts anyone for who and what they are

N – Nourishes & nurtures peace building

•        Positively contributes to the quality of life in school

•        Participates as a productive member of the community

G – Gains Knowledge & Achieves Goals

•        Sets and achieves personal and school goals

•        Willing to gain knowledge

S – Shares Ideas Effectively

•        Speaks and writes clearly to others

•        Utilizes technology to communicate

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

In the past 3 years, Koblerville Elementary has seen many successes and has had its share of challenges as well. One notable success is that we were able to meet our School Wide Goal last school year by increasing the number of students reading on level by 20 percent points (25% - 45% on level). But with that success, we noticed a challenge/flaw with our goal, and that was not all students showed growth and we did not have mechanisms for tracking each individual’s progress. This year we have modified our goal to look at the individual student and ensure that they each meet their individualized reading and math goal by the end of this school year. By ensuring all students grow and succeed, we should in turn see and overall growth in Act Aspire Summative results.

Another success that we have realized in the past 3 years is that most of our teachers are actively pursuing professional growth independently. Almost 100% of our teachers have completed the EdTech Program, which educates teachers how to successfully integrate technology into their lessons. We have also seen many of our teachers applying and enrolling in graduate level courses and receiving their master’s degree in education. This positive mind set of self improvement is very refreshing and the admin always look for ways to support our teachers on their improvement journey.

A challenge that was mentioned earlier in the description portion of the summary was the overcrowding of the school. The increased population is due to the merge with the San Antonio community and an increase of families relocating from the Garapan area due to housing issues. Currently the school has 648 students enrolled and was only built to accommodate about 500. All spare rooms including resource rooms have been converted to classrooms. In order to properly accommodate the growing number of students, KES will need an additional 6 classrooms, 6 classroom teachers, and 2 CCLHS instructors. The CNMIPSS leadership is aware of our situation and working on providing support and relief where they can, but ultimately it is a funding issue that needs to be addressed by our local government.