Executive Summary


Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School is located in Saipan, Northern Marianas Islands. The school has a total population of 1,055 students and is the largest middle school in the CNMI Public School System. Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School serves students in grades 6th to 8th. The school has a diverse student background. Students ethnicity include 48% Filipino, 24% Chamorro, 7% Carolinian, and 7% Chinese. There are 10% Other Pacific Islanders which include Chuukese, Hawaiian, Palauan, and Yapese. The 4% Other Ethnicity includes Japanese, Korean, Caucasian, and Bangladeshi. The data indicates that 98% of the students are English Learners. It also had 70 staff members.

In SY 16-17, seventy-three percent of the student population is on the free meal program and the remaining 27% are on the reduced meal. The school uses a variety of assessments data to determine students’ academic performances. Based on the school STAR Reading data, 55.2% of the students are below 6.0 grade proficiency level. The STAR math data indicates that 45.6% of the students are below proficiency in Math. The Achieve3000 assessment result shows that 85% of the student population perform far below the career and college readiness Lexile percentage. For the ACT Aspire Interim 2 assessments, the average scores in Math is 28%, Reading is 58%, English is 48%, and Science is 51% for students from 6th to 8th grade.

Based on the climate and culture staff survey conducted on May 2017, the staff scored higher in the interactions, physical spaces, and description of their colleagues. However, the survey also indicated that the lowest scores are their feelings about the completion of their responsibilities while at work and their expectations for their students at school. There are about 57% of the teachers and staff described their interaction with one another as respectful, collaborative, and supportive. There are 52% of the teachers and staff who describe their physical spaces in the school as comfortable, flexible, and open. They also described the characteristics of the teachers and staff as fun, interesting, and caring. The climate and culture staff survey also indicated that about 41% of them are pressured, hectic, rushed, and was never given enough time. There are only 22% of the teachers also expecting their students to learn in the classroom.

The school also conducted the student climate and culture survey on May 2017. There are 51% of the students who described their teachers as honest, fun, and caring. There are 52% of the students who described the interaction with their adults at the school as important, trusting, respectful, and supportive. There are 37% of students also expressed that they feel pressured, rushed, and had never given enough time to complete their assignment at school.

❖  ACT Aspire School Report -

HMS Act Aspire Results Graph.jpg

HMS Act Aspire Report.jpg

❖  Achieve 3000: As a school we met our Lexile Goal target. Our 7th increased by +57L and 8th graders increased by +92L in lexile levels. Our 6th graders met +44L which did not meet the 50L target per grade level.

HMS Achieve 3000 Lexile SY 2017-18 Data.jpg

❖   Achieve 3000: As a school we met our percentage of students by current readiness was a total of 17% (12% at Meets and 5% at Meets) in percentage. The other 83% was combined a percentage of Far below (at 33%) and Approaching (at 50%) Readiness.

HMS Student Current Readiness Graph.png


Vision Statement:

To provide a learning environment that fosters academic growth, citizenship, and character.

Mission Statement:

Hopwood Middle School will provide quality learning in academic subjects by offering programs that stimulate our students to develop life skills, a strong character, and independence. We will collaborate with all stakeholders to empower our students to become contributing local, national, and international citizens.

Philosophy Statement:

We share with our community the responsibility for educating our students. We will provide a nurturing environment for positive self-esteem and create rich, varied experiences in curricular learning to accommodate different learning style, build a cooperative link between home, school, and community. Guide and provide instruction that recognizes and connect to the unique diversity of the community which we serve. We believe that all students are equal contributing members of the society in which we live and the richness of their individual cultures and beliefs are the foundation in which we will stand together so that no child is left behind.

This school year 2017-2018, Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School has adopted the five initiatives to improve teaching and learning. Below is the list of the five initiatives:

  • Blended Learning
  • Culture and Language Immersion
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
  • Path to Math
  • Every School Day Counts

The school will provide various schoolwide and classroom activities based on the five initiatives. By doing so, Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School aims to have a significant impact on student level of achievement and success.

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

School Successes / Highlights

  • Completed renovation of M building and utilized two (2) classes for CTE courses during the 2nd semester.
  • Completed renovation of counseling office in room C-4 and converted the old counseling office in room C-7 into a classroom.
  • Completed renovation of student restrooms
  • Partnerships with different agencies and businesses
  • Cultural Exchange Program: Three (3) students were given the opportunity to travel to South Korea for one week to learn about the Korean culture. The students  visited the partner school in Seoul and spent some days with the Korean students for the cultural exchange program.
  • Overall Education Day Winners for CNMI PSS District: Ms. Marjorie Kintol is named as the SY2018 State Counselor of the Year. Mr. Michael Berbes is named as the SY2018 State Instructor of the Year.
  • Higher Education: Four (4) Classroom Teachers graduated with their Masters through Framingham State University and several Teacher Aides/Instructors continued classes to upgrade their certifications
  • Cultural Day Celebration showcased various cultural dances, songs, and booths to display each cultural clothing, crafts, food, artwork, and ancient ways, tools, and many more artifacts. The entire month was dedicated to learning music, dances, songs, and creating crafts in CCLHS classes.
  • Library Month Celebration showcased various competitions by homeroom, team, and ELA Classes: Author’ Readers, Most Read Books/Marathon, Reading Chairs/Circles in classes, Character Dress Up Day, Door Decoration of a favorite book, bookmaking/bookmaking day, and many more reading themes.
  • 8th Grade Leadership Corps Winner for Armed Color Guards and Top Female/Male Cadet
  • Schools now have both Math and ELA TOWS in the classrooms
  • More technology was purchased for instructional purposes
  • 100% Return Rate before due date to ERATE (927 Total Students).
  • After school programs for health and wellness, ATOD, PREP supported good health and healthier lifestyles, critical thinking, and increased positive behavioral changes in our students for higher success rates.
  • Credit Recovery supported academic challenges to decrease failure rates by subject for each student who are in the failing category.
  • PEAK online programs were offered to students in our LMA alternative program and supported students who had special academic needs towards promotion.
  • CTE: Career Technology, Fine Arts, and Agricultural Exploration, and Music Courses provide a variety of career pathways and opportunities for students to prepare them for college and career readiness.
  • Special Education Department: Tiny Eye, Advocacy and Transition, and other support groups and courses were offered by our Contact Teachers and Teacher Aides with great success results.
  • School Level & Extracurriculars:
    • Academics:
      • Math Court Championship, 6th-8th graders
      • Thespian NJSDA-National and District Level
      • Math Olympiad- School, National and District Level
      • Achieve 3000 Data for SY 2018-19
        • College and Career Readiness: 67% of students in all 6th to 8th grade meet approaching to meets and exceeds level.
          • 50% of students at Approaching Level
          • 12% of students at Meets Level
          • 5% of students at Exceeds Level
        • Gains in Lexile: Overall average growth for grades 6th to 8th was 64L increase
        • eScience - Class Goals used related to Modules and District Level recognition by the program
        • TeenBiz Initiative- School Level:
      • IXL-Math Problems Initiative-School Level
      • My Digits- Math- Class Goals
      • Renaissance- Accelerated Reader-Billion Words to Read Initiative- School and District Level & Data
        • STAR Objective: Total Percent who increased at or above 1.0 GE
          • Reading 44% for all grades 6th through 8th
          • Math 50% for all grades 6th through  8th
      • STEM Fair- Science Fair- School and District Level
      • Economic Fair- Social Studies Fair- School Level
      • HMH online resources and accounts were created and actively used by our students and teachers.
    • Sports:
      • PE Teachers and staff provided more incentives by team that included field trips, virtual tours online, campus team building, team health and wellness activities day, and many more team/class presentations relevant to our middle schoolers.
      • In the PSS Middle School Intramural Basketball Tournament HMS 6th Grade Boys, 7th/8th Grade Boys, and 7th/8th Grade Girls Basketball Teams won all three Championships.
      • In the McDonald Track and Field 2018 Top Teams HMS earned 1st Place for 13 and Under Boys, 3rd Place for 13 and Under Girls, 3rd Place for 15 and Under Girls, our student Kiana Aldan was selected as the Top Female Athlete, our students won a total of 22 Gold, 16 Silver, 19 Bronze Medals, and 4 trophies.
    • Competitions: HMS students have been harvesting various awards in different competitions:
      • Overall winner of the National Artwork Nutrition Month competition
      • MTEC and MVA Tourism Month Graphic Arts Winners
      • Overall winner of the BECQ Rain Barrel Contest, CTE Class, PE3A, 8th graders
      • Various awards during track and field intramural competitions
      • Best Female and Best Male Cadets for the 2018 Leadership Corps Cadet Challenge Championship
      • Several winners of the National Junior Speech and Debate Association
      • Winners of Math Olympiads
      • Education Day Essay Contest Winner
      • Christmas in the Marianas Tree, Paseo De Marianas Winner by My Wave Club
      • Flame Tree Art Contest- Graphic Design Class, CTE- C1 Sengebau Competition, 8th graders
      • Thespian Winners, 7th and 8th grader
      • MTEC Top 5 Winners, Two 7th graders, Graphic Design Class, CTE-C1
      • MMAC, Legacy Award Winner for over 15 years of partnership with March Against Cancer Association
      • CCLHS Language and Cultural Performing Arts Competition, District Level, Multipurpose Center winners in Carolinian Storytelling/Poetry Dramatic Interpretation

Additional Information

HMS Schoolwide Goals SY 2017-18:

  1. Goal #1: All students will be provided with the healthy learning environment that foster academic growth, citizenship, and character development.
    1. Clear Direction- Clearly communicates the direction, mission, and goals that the institution is committed to achieving. Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School’s vision statement is to provide a learning environment that fosters academic growth, citizenship, and character.
    2. Healthy Culture-Shared values, beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors of stakeholders that shape the school’s social norms and creates the opportunities for everyone to become successful.
    3. Resource Management- The school plans to allocate its resources to meet the needs of every learner.
      1. Goals Met and Completed:
        1. Out of 52 recommendation, 48 out of 52 were met. Therefore, our school met the objective.
        2. Classroom Renovations: Rooms M1 and M2 now occupied by CTE, Room PE1 now vacant to prepare for renovation.
        3. Outsource, Repairs, and Maintenance for Grounds, Security, and Custodial Services were funded.
        4. CPR/First Aid Kit PD was given to all staff
        5. Emergency Drills were done: Active Shooter, Earthquake, and Fire was done.
        6. Other Classroom Renovations: Room C4 made into Counseling Office and Room C7 made into two rooms.
        7. Restrooms were all renovated for accessibility to all students and staff.
        8. One outsource electrician was able to maintain all Air Conditioning and ACs were able to be replaced with funds in budget.
        9. Chairs and Desks were replaced in some classroom.
        10. Campus CCTV camera system was purchased for additional security on school grounds.
        11. Inspections were completed and passed to open the school year.
        12. Team Incentives used the Challenge Master equipment to provide students with activities to build skills, leadership. Challenge Master Training was successful on March 23 to 26 and those certified facilitated to help other team members become familiar with the equipments.
        13. Lead a campaign to promote the value of attendance and student achievement on general assemblies, bulletin, parent nights, grade level meetings, and hilitai times
  2. Goal #2: All students will be provided with academic supports from all stakeholders to meet high expectations of excellent student learning outcomes and success.
    1. High Expectations- Admiral Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School will show commitment and demonstrate actions in support of high expectations for all stakeholders, including excellent student learning outcomes and success, high levels of teacher quality and support, leadership effectiveness, proactive community engagement, and valuable parent involvement.
    2. Efficacy of Engagement-The capacity to engage learners and other stakeholders in an effective manner to improve learning outcomes.
    3. Resource Management- provide resources aligned to learner-centric priorities and provides teachers and students access to digital resources.
      1. Goals Met and Completed:

HMS Students Reading Level Graph.jpg

  • READING Pre and Post:
  • 6th Grade-54 to 102 students on grade level/320
  • 7th Grade-73 to 131 students on grade level/293
  • 8th Grade 103 to 172 students on grade level/299

HMS Students Math Level Graph.jpg

  • MATH:
  • 6th Grade-85 to 114 students on grade level
  • 7th Grade-75 to 105 students on grade level
  • 8th Grade- 90 to 117 students on grade level
  1. Reading GE Trends

HMS Reading GE Trends.jpg

  1. For Math GE Trends

HMS Math GE Trends.jpg

  1. Student percentage who met Reading and Math Goals

HMS Reading and Math Goals Percentage Chart.jpg

  1. School Initiatives and Competitions met: Read to Achieve, Million Math Problems to Solve, and Billion words were celebrated quarterly.
  2. Achieve 3000 data showed improvement (gains on graph shown above).
  3. School Purchased 120 Ipads, 60 desktops and 50 laptops to provide more technology in the classrooms.
  4. Purchased bandwidth to upgrade Megabyte from 13 to 200 Megabyte.
  1. Goal #3: Students and staff will be provided with services based on the individual’s and school’s needs to improve student learning outcome and success.
    1. High Expectations- Adm. Herbert G. Hopwood Middle School is committed and will demonstrate actions in support of high expectations for all stakeholders, student learning outcomes and success, high level of teacher quality and support, leadership effectiveness, proactive community engagement, and valuable parental involvement.
    2. Efficacy of Engagement- The capacity to engage learners and other stakeholders in an effective manner to improve learning outcome.
    3. Resource Management- use resources for training, after-school program, CTE, and gifted and talented program.
      1. Goals Met and Completed:
        1. PEAKS Program for online and LMA Alternative Program for more blended learning.
        2. Credit Recovery supported student.s failing classes and improved promotion rate per grade level.
        3. Rigor and Relevance Training was done for CTE Teachers and All Staff.
        4. ELL After school and Saturday program supported low readers and ESL students towards English Proficiency.
        5. Travel Authorization for Off-Island
        6. McRel Training and Evaluation was done for teaching and support staff.
        7. ASCA Training was completed for Counselors.
        8. Leadership Training was completed for selected Staff.