Executive Summary


Garapan Elementary School is located in the western-central section of Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The school opened in 1967 and was relocated to its present location in 1968 after a devastating typhoon struck the island. The school has a current total population of 590 students and serves the villages of Garapan, Upper and Lower Navy Hill, Chinatown, Puerto Rico, and Northern Gualo Rai. Of our total enrollment each year at GES, more than half of our students consistently qualify for the federal free meal program. This school year, all of our students will be eligible recipients of the free and reduced breakfast and lunch program. Although almost half of our students are of Filipino descent, GES serves a diverse ethnic population. Student groups originate from different areas of the Pacific Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Asia, Bangladesh, Indigenous students of Chamorro and Carolinian descent, and students who come from culturally blended families. Our student enrollment trend has decreased in the past three years. Factors that have contributed to the reduction in student population stem from an economic boom that affected the high cost of living specifically for the Garapan area. Another factor for the decrease was the transition out of 6th grade into the Middle School concept and the implementation of full day Kindergarten with a lower student teacher ratio. GES used to house Kindergarten to 6th grade classes with a population of 788 in school year 2015-2016, a drop of 150 that resulted in 638 enrolled in school year 2016-2017, and another drop of 46 students with 591 enrolled in school year 2017-2018.

GES staff are composed of 32 Highly Qualified Teachers that is comprised of 30 Classroom Teachers and 2 Literacy Coaches, 1 Non-Highly Qualified Teacher with a Memorandum of Agreement to achieve HQT status. There are 3 Highly Qualified Instructors in CCLHS, 2 Non-Highly Qualified Instructors with an MOA to meet CCLHS qualified status, 6 Paraprofessionals serving our students with disabilities, 4 Title I Teachers hired as independent contractors at PSS, and the administrative staff that includes 1 Highly Qualified Counselor, 1 Highly Qualified Librarian, 2 Tradesmen, 1 School Aide, 1 Highly Qualified Vice Principal, and 1 Highly Qualified School Principal.

GES continues to be committed to providing quality education that meets the needs of our students, staff, and parents. With our combined efforts, we aim to meet the three following goals as stated in our School-Wide Action Plan:

Goal 1: Garapan Elementary School will have high expectations for student achievement to meet the needs of our student population of learners with diverse experiences, abilities and learning needs. By June 2019, an average of 30% or more of students in grades 3-5 will be at the ready or exceeding level in Reading and Math as measured by the 2019 Act Aspire Summative Assessment.

Goal 2: Garapan Elementary School will provide a safe and healthy learningenvironment and an orderly school with efficient operation. Therefore, by June 2019, 85% of all GES students will indicate a response of “I am safe at school” as measured by the Spring 2019 Advanced Ed Student Inventory (F. Section 4).

Goal 3: At Garapan Elementary School, in addition to educating our children academically, we will also focus on the social and emotional needs of our students to help them become productive, responsible, and successful citizens. We will foster a strong home-school-community partnership. By June 2019, at least 85% of all GES students will demonstrate a school performance of “Successful” in the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results as measured by school-wide quarterly report card data.


At GES, our Philosophy and Mission is the believe that children are our most valuable resource. Each comes to school as a dynamic individual with diverse experiences and abilities. Building in our students an enthusiasm for learning and an appreciation/awareness for themselves and others are our primary goals. We believe that with involved families and a caring community, each child can reach his/her potential. By providing an environment that promotes intellectual, academic, and social growth, we create a brighter future for our school and community.

Motto: “Good Is Not Our Goal, We Strive for Excellence”

School Colors: Blue and White

Mascot: The Marianas Mallard

Our purpose is not only to educate our children academically, but also socially and emotionally with goals of having our children become productive and responsible world citizens. The Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs) are incorporated into the school culture by being infused into daily lessons and the calendar of events for each month. Additionally, the development of our student’s character to support their academic success is another important part of our endeavors. That is why the MegaSkills character development program is also integrated into every aspect of learning in our students’ daily activities. Students are assessed each quarter on the assigned MegaSkills and ESLRs.

ESLRs MegaSkills


    G – Globally Minded, Community Active

  • Aware of local and world issues

  • Cares for the environment

  • Respects all cultures

    E – Effective Communicator

  • Communicates clearly through writing and speaking

  • Listens to the opinion and ideas of others

  • Can speak to different groups of people

    S – Self Aware, Sensitive to Others

  • Is respectful to others

  • Understands oneself

  • Is thoughtful and kind to others

    M – Maintains a Healthy Life Style

  • Eats nutritious foods and has a balanced diet

  • Maintains proper hygiene

  • Exercises daily

  • Has a healthy mind and body

    A – Always Ready for School

  • Comes to school well rested and on time

  • Does homework and studies

  • Organizes and prepares supplies

    L – Lifelong Learner

  • Continues to gain knowledge

  • Incorporates information and technology in the real world

    L – Learns to Read, Reads to Learn

  • Learns the basics of reading

  • Reads for comprehension and enjoyment

    A – Academic Achiever

  • Succeeds in all content areas

  • Anticipates great things

    R – Resource Seeker

  • Looks for success in life

  • Uses the library and Internet regularly

  • Looks for ways to find resources and supplies

    D – Dynamic and Diverse Team Player

  • Has good sportsmanship

  • Thinks about other people

    S – Self Starter

  • Shows initiative

  • Is self-motivated


Responsibility – Does what is right. Does what needs to be done without constant reminders.

Teamwork – Works well with others. Does best to be fair and does one’s share.

Confidence – Shows that one is able to do his or her work. Believes in oneself and what one can accomplish.

Common Sense – Uses good judgment. Thinks about consequences and learns from mistakes.

Caring – Shows concern for others. Is a friend and understands how others feel.

Initiative – Moves into action. Gets new ideas and is ready to take next step.

Focus – Concentrates with a goal in mind. Keeps work in mind to meet high standards.

Problem Solving – Puts what is known and what can be done into action. Asks questions, gets information, and makes careful choices.

Perseverance – Completes what is started. Keeps frustrations under control and never gives up.

Effort – Is willing to work hard. Maintains the “I will do it” attitude.

Motivation – Wants to do it. Self determined. Pushes oneself to continue to strive.


Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

GES utilizes a variety of assessment data to determine students’ academic performances. Based on the Renaissance Program Data administered in September 4th to 15th of this school year, 129 of our 2nd to 5th grade students are in the Urgent Intervention Benchmark Tracking Group. 97 placed in the Intervention Group, 62 are on the On Watch Group, and 158 2nd to 5th Grade students are At or Above Grade Level in STAR Reading. A total of 446 2nd to 5th grade students were tested during this first testing period. For our 140 students in Kindergarten and 1st grade, students were assessed using the STAR Early Literacy Test. 64 Kinder to 1st grade students placed in Urgent Intervention, 36 in Intervention, 14 are On Watch, and 26 students placed At or Above their grade level Benchmark Tracking Group.

The STAR Math data indicates that out of the 488 total students tested in 1st to 5th grade, 87 are in the Urgent Intervention Benchmark Tracking Group, 98 students placed in the Intervention Group, 76 placed in On Watch, and 227 students in 1st to 5th Grade placed At or Above Grade Level in STAR Math.

The Achieve3000 Lexile Performance Assessment results from September 2017 indicates that out of the 454 2nd to 5th grade students who took their Level Set PreTest, the overall average was 269L. In addition to Lexile Performance, the progress towards College and Career Readiness Report shows that 60% of the student population perform at Far Below, 37% at Approaches, and 3% of students Meet college and career readiness expectations.