Executive Summary


Chacha Ocean View Middle School (COVMS) is the one of the five middle schools in the Public School System (PSS) established on Saipan located in the Kagman Homestead Area. It is built within the Kagman community surrounded by limestone forests. It stands in the heart of the Kagman Peninsula adjacent to LaoLao Bay Golf Course, between Kagman Elementary School and Kagman High School.

The school was completed during the month of August 2002, and opened for its very first school year 2002-03. Presently, the school accommodates students in the 6th through 8th grades with an estimated population of 215. It has about 25 teachers and staff. Most of the teachers and staff have been serving the students of COVMS for  more than four years except for the school principal, vice principal, counselor, and one of the classroom teachers whom are now serving their second year during the school year 2018-2019. Although, the school principal and vice principal are new to the school, they are not new to the CNMI Public School System. Principal, Martha Kintol has 13 years of school leadership (10 years as elementary school administrator and 3 years as a high school administrator) and 10 years as a classroom teacher. Vice Principal, Laura Brown has 8 years as assistant director and 5 years as a compliance monitor for Special Education, and 18 years as a classroom teacher. The school serves students from Kagman, Capitol Hill, As Mahetog, Achugao, Santa Lourdes, Papago, and parts of San Vicente. The average students to teacher ratio is 17:1.

The student population at COVMS has been averaging approximately 220 for the past three years. The student population for SY 2018 - 2019 is approximately 215; 74 students in the 6th grade, 70 students in the 7th grade, and 71 students for 8th grade.. Of the estimated student population of 215, approximately 7% of the students are on an IEP and about 25% are English Language Learners (ELL).    Prior to SY 2018-2019, approximately 70% of the student population qualified for free meal.

The student and staff of COVMS represent a diverse ethnic background, approximately 52% of the school’s population is Chamorro, 17% is Carolinian, 9% Filipino, 6% Chuukese, and 6% Pohnpeian. The remaining 10% are Palauans, Marshallese, Samoan, Chinese, Japanese, Thailander, and Caucasian.

The school campus consists of twenty-nine (29) classrooms located throughout the six main buildings that are used for teaching the following subjects: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Chamorro & Carolinian Language Heritage Studies, Physical Education, Computer, Business Math, Woodshop, Leadership Corps, and Special Education classes.

Furthermore, the campus includes a main office building, library, cafeteria, teacher/staff lounge (which functions as the conference and copy room), four (4) restroom areas for students, and 1 staff rest room area. Within the surrounding campus, there are recreational areas for students use such as a soccer field, baseball field, basketball court, and a courtyard.


Chacha Ocean View Middle School’s vision seeks to have all students become Self-directed lifelong learners, Motivated critical thinkers, Academic achievers, Respectful and responsible citizens, and Technologically competent individuals (SMART) who believe that working collaboratively with all stakeholders is one of the keys to success.

Our mission is to provide a learning environment that nurtures academic growth, citizenship, and character. Through effective partnership and collaboration between  ALL stakeholders, the Chacha Family will provide quality academic and life skills education that will motivate our students to become contributing and productive members of our island society and the world as a whole.

At ChaCha Ocean View, our philosophy is that we provide academic and extracurricular activities which will develop students intellectually, emotionally, socially, morally, culturally, and physically. As we model integrity, wise decision-making and healthy living habits and attitudes, our school will strive to inspire our students to become future leaders of their communities and society as a whole. We will work in unison with other institutions as well as with the families to foster growth and development of each student


  1. Provide quality educational programs, which will foster the intellectual, emotional,social, moral, cultural,and physical development of each student.
  2. Develop students with academic and lifelong skills for their educational value for its usefulness.
  3. Reflect the educational process through school’s curricular and co-curricular programs in as multicultural school setting.
  4. Facilitate the educational developments of each student in a positive, caring, supportive, nurturing, meaningful manner, in an orderly and safe environment.
  5. Promote awareness, understanding and appreciation of the student’s cultural heritage as well as those of other people through its educational programs.
  6. Integrate the use of technology of each curriculum of study.
  7. Help students develop the knowledge, skills and attitude for good decision making, problem solving, and positive social interactions to prepare them to live in a complex and pluralistic society.
  8. Train students to become critical and complex thinkers, with the disposition to be inquisitive and to be prepared for the future.
  9. Hire certified teacher and support staff who have the educational and technical background, commitment and dedication, desire and ability to work collaboratively, and competent to help students learn.
  10. Work with all stakeholders to fulfill its educational mission through all efforts.

COVMS prides itself on providing high quality education to meet the academic needs of all students. We focus on the development of the "whole child" by addressing the academic, social, emotional, cultural, and physical attributes the students will need throughout their academic careers as well as on into life as a productive member of society. We do this by modeling integrity, decision-making skills, healthy living habits, and attitudes with a goal of inspiring future leaders for CNMI. We work harmoniously and collaboratively with parents as we maximize the development of each child.

COVMS promotes all students to become intrinsically motivated critical thinkers who will continue to be life-long learners well after they leave our guidance

Notable Achievements and Areas of Improvement

Student Achievement Data School Year 2017 - 2018

The school utilizes various assessment to determine students’ academic performances. Use of classroom assessment, STAR Reading and Math, Achieve 3000, Fastforword and MSAA (specific for students with IEP), WIDA (for English Language Learners), and ACTAspire guides the determination and implementation of programs designed to support all students achieve their learning goals.

Based on the 2018 ACTAspire results, 69% of the 200 students tested scored at the Ready and Exceeding level, 23% were close, and 8% were in need of support in English. In Reading, 28% were ready and exceeding, 24% were close, and 47% were in need of support. In Science, 24% were ready and exceeding, 22% were close, and 55% were in need of support. In Math, 19% were ready and exceeding, 37% were close, and 44% were in need of support.

The SY 2018-2019 Pre STAR Reading and Math results show the 6th graders with an average scaled score of 588 and grade equivalency score of 5.2 in Reading and scaled score of 683 and grade equivalency of 5.3 in Math. The 7th graders have an average scaled score of 651 and grade equivalency of 5.7 in Reading and scaled score of 710 and grade equivalency of 5.8 in Math. The 8th graders have an average scaled score of 805 and grade equivalency of 6.7 in Reading and scaled score of 761 and grade equivalency of 6.9 in Math.

The COVMS’ learning team unpacked the ACTAspire results as well as the STAR Reading and Math and have designed a school wide improvement plan to address the critical areas of improvement most especially in the areas of Reading, Math, and Science as we continue to improve in other areas. The team designed learning objectives based on the ACTAspire and STAR results to help support students meet their learning goals as well as the PSS learning outcomes. The classroom teachers along with resource teachers are also working collaboratively to improve learning opportunities that address reading comprehension skills, effective academic vocabulary instruction, and critical thinking skills. These strategies are being taught and implemented across content areas to ensure that students are learning and applying these skills effectively.

The students of COVMS are also provided the opportunity to engage in academic and non academic activities which help balance and support their learning growth academically and socially.

Students are provided the opportunity to participate in various academic competitions such as MathCourt, Speech / Debate, Mock Trial, Spelling Bee, Academic Challenge Bowl, and various essay writing competitions. Students also participate in various interscholastic sports activities and competitions to include basketball, volleyball, softball, track and field, soccer, as well as participate in the school’s planned wellness activities.

COVMS’ students also participate in various community organized activities such as the Chamorro and Carolinian Cultural Heritage Celebration, Christmas in the Marianas, Marianas March Against Cancer, and the American Red-Cross Walk-A-Thon to name a few. The students’ participation in these activities builds awareness and teaches social responsibilities.

The students also take lead on school leadership clubs such as Student Council (STUCO), Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), Classroom Representatives, and various school clubs that provides students the opportunities to learn leadership and collaborative skills and supports students social growth.

Additional Information

The COVMS’ team built into the school’s continuous improvement plan the technological support needed in every classroom. Last school year, the school invested about 50% of its funding on computer hardware and software. The school also received technology on wheels from the central office for students’ use, which ensures that every student has access to technology as needed to support their learning.

As we strive to meet the academic goals of all students, it is important to continue providing all teachers and staff with relevant professional development trainings. With the implementation of the CNMIPSS Board of Education approved instructional materials, there is a need for continuous professional development to ensure effective implementation of such instructional resources. As a school team, we conduct professional development work sessions during the scheduled half day professional development days that are taking place at least once a month. These school level professional development days along with the statewide professional development provide the teachers and staff the additional support they need in order to provide for the learning needs of the students.

COVMS, along with Kagman Elementary and Kagman High School have taken parental involvement to a new level with the innovative collaboration of all three Kagman Schools. In our community parents have students who attend one or more of the schools. To maximize parent involvement opportunities, we combine important events such as PTSA meetings and other school events. Parents appreciate the ability to meet with all of their children's teachers on campus, on the same date. This arrangement has honored and respected the parents' valuable time. Parent participation and involvement has been increasing since the implementation of this partnership.


Celebration of Career week brought presenters from different agencies to share information pertaining to their careers to all COVMS’ students. Students were placed and attended the presentation based on their career cluster. This was an opportunity for students to explore potential career paths as they embark on their learning journey to become college and career ready.

COVMS hosted the Statewide STEM Fair and had great comments about it. Students mentioned that their teachers provided them with support throughout the entire event. As a result of such successful event, COVMS was requested to host the Statewide STEM Fair again for SY 2018-2019.

To increase student involvement and open opportunities for real-life experiences, Cha Cha Ocean View Middle School opened up school clubs for students. Each teacher/staff was an advisor for a specific club. Clubs available were Refaluwasch Uprising (Re-Up) Club, Dart Club, Music Club, Whatever Club, Woodshop Club, Sports Club, Dance Club, Fitness Club, Cooking Club, Anime Club Dinekka’ Chamorro Club (DCC), Coding Club, Gaming Club, Board-games Club. These clubs enabled students to expand their horizon of creativity.

For every month since the beginning of the school year 17-18, students and teachers were recognized for their continued efforts at making their classroom and school environment conducive to the learning, showcasing character and improving their academics. This practice of recognition is a way that we continue to build a positive culture of family and togetherness as a whole school. Monthly birthday celebrations also took place for all teachers and staff.

Parent and Community Involvement

Every first Thursday of the month school leadership come together to discuss student-teacher-parent community involvement for the betterment of the Kagman Cluster Schools. Every third Thursday of the month PTSA is held rotationally amongst the three schools (Kagman High School, Kagman Elementary, and Chacha Ocean View Middle School) around 5-6pm. This year the Kagman PTSA hosted their very first Family Fun Day at Laolao BayGolf Resort.